Don't Let A Bad DAC Report Hold You Back!

All drivers should know what is on their USIS - DAC Report. DAC Services has undergone changes in both ownership and name. DAC Services was acquired by USIS (US Investigations Services). Search here for ways to obtain a copy of your USIS/DAC Report and make sure that all your information listed on it is correct.

Background Checks for Drivers
While many hiring organizations are involved in background screening and drug testing in the Trucking industry only a few are used by most trucking companies. Although major Trucking companies are keenly aware of the industry’s tight regulatory atmosphere and is focus on safety. Many employers may not be as familiar with background checks that go beyond the minimum requirements of regulating authorities. But that is about to change. Truck drivers should routinely check their DAC report/USIS report to stay aware of their driving history. Below we’ll discuss the the use of back ground checks in the Transportation / Trucking industry and highlight some background screening techniques used by trucking companies and trucking carriers. Most trucking employers have made changes to protect themselves and employees from lawsuits and damages to their reputation.

Top Reasons for Background Screening and Drug Testing for Truck Drivers?
Compliance with regulatory authorities is the number one reason given by trucking companies and recruiters that use our sites. Conducting background screening by trucking companies is costly and time consuming and it now is affecting the flow of truck drivers being hired. Trucking Companies also listed improving the quality of drivers, protecting against negligent hiring risk, protecting brand reputation and reducing turnover as some of the top reasons for background screening. CDL drivers should always be aware of what trucking companies are reporting to the DAC servcies.

Why Background Screening Conducted?
The majority of trucking companies about fifty percent indicate that their safety department is responsible for background screening for new employees and more and more companies are using USIS to run criminal background checks. Roughly twenty percent of trucking companies say that they do background screening within the HR departments. Surprisingly a small percent of respondents reported that they currently use automated background screening processes from databases and hiring reporting agencies.

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